Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab

This 1800 sq. ft. traveling exhibit experience explores the fascinating ways science shapes our everyday lives.

Step into the Lab and be inspired by the animated series and the brilliant work of Thomas Edison! Engaging kids in STEM learning, Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab™, the exhibit offers unique, hands-on experiences that introduce STEM concepts, build enthusiasm for related education and careers, present engaging opportunities to actively participate in the scientific process, and highlight some of the greatest scientists and innovators from throughout history who have inspired us all with their ground-breaking discoveries.

Features include:

Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab™ was developed using national developmental standards for early learners and academic standards for school-age children and is especially engaging for children ages 2-12. The exhibit includes signage, presented in both English and Spanish, to help adult caregivers maximize the learning and communicate the importance of STEM education to a child’s individual academic success and future career opportunities. The exhibit will benefit families, community organizations and school groups, and serve as a meaningful platform for introducing visitor programs, facilitated workshops and events that reflect the exhibit’s rich educational content and ability to spark STEM learning for a broad range of audiences.

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Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab Exhibit Overview

Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab™ Traveling Exhibit was created by the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum in collaboration with Genius Brands International TM & © 2024 Genius Brands International, Inc. All rights reserved. 

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